Implement Strategy Faster With Marketing Management Software

Make more informed decisions — and spend more time executing on your strategy — with Quickbase.

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Give Your Teams The Visibility They Need

When your marketing teams have visibility across the department — product marketing, brand & creative, demand generation, digital marketing, and PR — your marketing efforts become more effective, coordinated, and consistent.

With Quickbase, you can safely distribute essential data across internal teams and external agencies, freelancers, and contractors. You'll be able to create one source of truth for the entire marketing team, without ever having to code.

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Stay On Top Of Your Marketing Campaigns

Make your software work for your marketing team, with absolutely no code involved.

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Build out responsive, customizable, drag-and-drop dashboards for an accurate pulse check on your projects every time.


Plan content launches, track events, schedule nurture emails, and more with timeline and calendar capabilities.


Share the right information with the right people — whether vendors, team members, or freelancers — so everyone has the information they need.


Build comprehensive reports from multiple sources of data, so that everyone can understand the metrics that matter.
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Make Better Use of Meetings

Implementing a marketing database management tool means that communication & tactical execution will improve across your team. With one source of truth, delegation of tasks, status updates, and reporting are more effective and can happen in one central, reliable location.

When you have better communication outside of meetings, your team can use that time more efficiently. That way, you can spend time on the marketing activities that really matter — whether that's building out your content strategy or coming up with new demand campaigns.

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Now we can create customized marketing campaigns across multiple systems for much less than buying new software or coding custom integrations would cost.

Daniel Carvallo
co-CEO of Cura Deuda