Effectively Manage Your Employees With HR Database Software

Improve your workflows, align with company objectives, and keep employee data safe with Quickbase’s trusted HR platform.

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Centralize Your Employee Information

Quickbase's HR database software platform allows your team to build applications that work exactly how your organization needs them to — whether you're looking for a simple employee management tool or an integrated, multi-application platform.

Either way you approach it, Quickbase can flex to your organization's specific needs. You'll be able to easily track and manage your onboarding and offboarding activities, changes across the organization, and internal moves across departments, managers, and employees. Custom dashboards allow you to easily analyze data and trends, manage employee engagement & productivity, and be a reliable resource for your organization.

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Move Beyond Emails & Streamline Team Connection

When your organization adopts Quickbase, it's not just your HR team you'll be able to connect. Quickbase employee database software will allow you to centralize information for everyone, even if they're in different departments or on other teams. With customizable permissions, you can be sure that everyone sees exactly the information that's relevant to them — so your sensitive employee information stays secure with the HR team.

By connecting teams like finance, IT, security, and facilities into one application, everyone has access to the information they need. If IT sees that someone is joining the company, they can easily log into the app and find an online checklist of onboarding action items to complete, along with alerts and notifications to help them monitor progress.

How HR Database Software Helps Your Team

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Customizable Applications

Every organization is unique. Build applications that are perfect for your team, without ever learning to code.

Unique Permissions

Maintain security and compliance by connecting people to the exact information they need
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Automated Dashboards

Access important information at a glance, automatically updated from relevant sources

The time card app not only made everyone's lives easier, but it also made a strong and positive first impression on management.

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Maintain Compliance With Sensitive Employee Information

Your HR team has a lot of responsibility when it comes to staying compliant, whether that's maintaining the security of private employee information, abiding by employee benefits laws, or managing work visas and immigration documents. That becomes difficult when your team is handling sensitive operations over email or working in ever-growing spreadsheets.

With HR database software, all of that information stays protected in one place. The platform secures personal identifiable information and other employee data (Quickbase is NIST 800-171 certified), so your team can make sure your team can focus on the bigger projects at hand.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Custom applications are a type of software that are often created for a specific user or group of users within an organization. Custom human resources software applications can be built to match a unique process with the goal reaching company objectives more efficiently. Every business process is unique, which is why out-of-the-box, one-size-fits-all human resources software tools often fall short, especially for processes that are specific to your business, like onboarding or annual and mid-year reviews.

You know your business better than anyone else. Quickbase is a platform that can be customized to fit into your training and onboarding workflows and align with your company objectives. Configure your own custom HR applications yourself using logic rules, clicks, and drag and drop, so you get exactly what solutions you need to manage your HR operations effectively.

Human resources apps powered by a database platform have a number of benefits, including:

Elevate engagement
Improve employee engagement and retention by making it easy for staff to pursue professional development activities and reinventing performance management. Cut down the time commitment involved, better track and report on employee performance, and boost the frequency of feedback. The result? Less drag on employees and more chances to address problems in the moment.

Improve efficiency
You can use Quickbase's human resources management software to automate HR tasks, such as collecting documents for verification, sending out emails announcing new hires, calculating payrolls, and approving leave requests, so you have more time to focus on work that matters most.

Make data-driven decisions
Insightful reports and dashboards enable you to gain insight into almost any HR data. Set up reports for workforce planning, PTO usage, and more, so you can easily manage employee records and make strategic business decisions with confidence without needing to spend time generating reports from data in spreadsheets.

Decrease data entry errors
Copying data from paper forms to the computer leaves lots of opportunity for error, as does manually tallying up timesheets and calculating payrolls. Quickbase eliminates the need for duplicate data entry and can perform calculations automatically.

Quickbase enables you to build an application in a few different ways:

Build it yourself
Take out a trial to build from scratch or try a sample app from Exchange to use as a template that you can customize to your unique needs. You can start with a visual builder that offers point-and-click app building functionality – no coding required.

Build it with us
Contact us to discuss your needs, and our team will work with you to build the custom HR apps you’re looking for.

Talk to a Partner
Quickbase Solution Providers are services-focused partners that build and develop custom applications on the Quickbase platform. They are certified experts in native Quickbase functionality and can extend platform capabilities through integrations, add-ons, custom interfaces and more. Quickbase Solution Providers deliver business process advisory to help streamline your workflow and help you maximize your investment in the Quickbase platform.

Quickbase is committed to keeping your employee PII safe. From powerful administrative controls like IP filtering, single sign-on, two-step authentication to advanced data encryption and strict security standards, Quickbase has your data covered. Learn more about how we keep your data safe.

With Quickbase’s role-based permissions, you can grant everyone access to the information relevant to them without the risk of exposing sensitive data. Quickbase’s visual and intuitive interface, customizable forms and helpful notifications make it easy for employees to update their profiles, request time off, and more from wherever they are on their own schedules. Learn more about role-based permissions.

Quickbase can be personalized down to each individual employee’s view, should you choose – meaning you can use your internal vernacular and it’s flexible enough to suit the needs of your entire organization, down to each team or individual.

Adjust your branding to match your company’s look and feel, and more importantly, define processes and workflows that match how your company already works.