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Empowering Business Users for the Next Era of Digital Transformation

This whitepaper, featuring survey data from 215 IT and operations leaders, showcases why it is so critical to:

- Extend the reach of automation and modernization

- Empower individuals to build technologies to modernize work across the enterprise

- Strengthen the partnership between business innovators and IT to create nimbler organizations

With business changing at an unprecedented pace, there is surging demand for solutions to help drive digital transformation. And yet, even when organizations recognize the value of getting business innovators involved, they still are on the sidelines. As this IDG Market Pulse Survey found, almost 20% of respondents capable of leveraging automation and modernization tools are still not doing so.

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Learn How Leaders Empower Their Business Innovators

Capturing the creativity and knowhow of business innovators is critical for digital transformation success. Download this whitepaper to see where leaders set themselves apart from the pack, and best practices to cultivate business-led transformation.